Weird Austin # 5- Guns, Rent & Pay

August 1, 2017

Justin Laney, Ronald Whitt, Dillon Hutchins & Chris Santiago talk about Guns, Rent increases, Local crime, & Social constructs.


Weird Austin Podcast #4 Work Stories

July 13, 2017

Justin Laney, Dillon Hutchins & Jorge Ruiz talk about their weird horror stories at work. What is your weirdest or worst work story? Let us know in the comments!


Weird Austin Podcast - #3 Laws & Science

July 1, 2017

Justin Laney & Ronald Witt talk about laws, science and video games.


Weird Austin Podcast - #2 Ron Respawned

June 21, 2017

Second time around with Ronald Whitt, discussing his background, getting morality from Greek mythology, gun laws in Texas, the homeless, anonymous, managing expectations and Austin vs. the rest of Texas.


Weird Austin Podcast - #1 Lift off

June 17, 2017

Justin Laney interviews Ronald Witt about double standards, false truths, saying no, modern reliance on technology, nutrition and much more.

-Pepsi Riot recreation was Berkley not Boston


Mad Dog - Keep It Goin’

June 11, 2017

Mad Dog invites you to hear his first single.